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About us

Pasta Vera arise from the farming expertise.
The Italian durum wheat is produced in farms owned by the Group, using new technologies, but at the same time safe and respectful of the environment.
We use non-GMO seeds and of 100% Italian origin.
The guarantee of source and quality of the raw material and production methods, allow to preserve intact not only the organoleptic properties, but also the nutritious ones of Pasta Vera.

The result is a pasta that integrates in a high quality market segment.

PASTA VERA is a short food production chain:
This allows us the FULL CONTROL of the production process:


The comprehensive expertise of three generations in the field of cereals production, has created one of the most delicious pasta’s in the World, already chosen by great chefs like Jamie Oliver’s or specialty food retailers such as EATALY.

INVESTMENT IN THE TECHNICAL EVOLUTION: Test campaigns carried out to produce a durum wheat which has the organoleptic characteristics (gluten, color and proteins) appropriate to the pasta making (are very few companies that produce pasta with only Italian durum wheat because of these difficulties). To this matter, It is has been developed a disciplinary specifically related to the soil treatment, selected seeds and assistance to the plant growth.

All sizes and products from Pasta Vera are bronze drawn with slow drying method at very low temperatures, this is not to modify the organoleptic characteristics and donate the porosity and the unique flavor that stands out.

Pasta Vera introduces to the public with an innovative and elegant black case that stands out the golden color resulting from our Southern Italian durum wheat. As always Pasta Vera, respecting the environment, in all its production cycle, uses for its food packaging paper only, from recycled paper and recyclable itself.

The logo stylish and innovative, represents the face of the founder, giving the idea that behind the product there is always someone guaranteeing the quality and origin. In this regard, we invite you to visit the “Blog” section and all of our Socials , to a “live” experience with Pasta Vera.